Places To Get High-Quality Back Links

Nowadays, it is widely agreed that the key to search engine optimization is getting high-quality backlinks. The days of being able to spam the Internet with large numbers of low-quality backlinks and get the results that you want are over, by far.

With the updates that have happened in Google over the past few years, smart search engine optimizer’s now realized that it is better to have one high-quality backlink than thousands upon thousands of low-quality backlinks. Having large numbers of low-quality backlinks can backfire and hurt your search engine optimization efforts rather than help them.

The question then becomes — how do you get these high-quality backlinks? What sites are open and available for the public to leave links and still maintain a high-quality standard?

That is a complicated topic, but here are a few examples to show you that there are still places to get high-quality backlinks from that will help you in your search engine optimization plan.

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You can get excellent backlinks from forums.

Online message boards, also known as forums, are the highest authority websites in any given niche. They also offer the additional benefit of being highly themed around whatever topic people gather there to discuss. Because of this fact, it is very easy to get backlinks to your website from forums that match the topic of your website precisely.

You can get high-quality backlinks from doing guest blog posts.

By targeting the most influential bloggers in your niche, you can get many times, leverage that relationship to submit a high-quality blog post that contains a link back to your website. The keyword in that sentence is “quality” — particularly since you will be dealing with an authority blog in your industry, you want to portray your website in the best light possible, so you want to submit very high-quality content.

Often, you can get great backlinks from submitting videos to online video sharing directories.

Not all video sharing directories allow backlinks back to your website, but some of them do — and when they do, they are often the most widely clicked links out of any of your backlinking efforts.

You can get good backlinks from submitting high-quality articles to article directories.

Although this method is now widely dismissed among a certain crowd of people, it can still be very effective. The key is that you don’t want to follow the old technique of mass submission of low-quality articles. Rather, zero in on a few high-quality article directories that you want to focus on and then submit high-quality content to them.

You can get excellent backlinks from sharing viral content in social media settings.

Social signals are just as valuable as other kinds of backlinks, in fact, some people say more valuable. By sharing links to your website social media sites, you will build buzz, get traffic, and improve your search engine optimization profile.

If you focus on submitting quality content to various sites in each of these five categories, you will have good results in moving your website to the top of the search engine.