PPC stands for Pay Per Click and it has evolved as one of the best career options for youngsters in today's highly connected world. By the virtue of an effective PPC marketing and practice, a company can get itself enlisted (and e-listed) during the popular search engine results. Therefore, as more and more companies are opting for specific industries, its skilful experts are always in higher demand than ever before. And to hone your skills in this skill, you can join our exclusive PPC classes in Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi at Wings IT Solutions.

Wings IT Solutions' PPC training course is exclusively developed by the acclaimed experts of the industry and at par with the global industry standards. During the PPC training classes, full range of latest topics are covered, like from PPC fundamentals to a comprehensive search engine marketing tips of paramount level. Moreover, to keep our digital marketers of the future, well updated, skilful and to hone their PPC mastery, the course is revised at the regular intervals and new topics and innovative marketing concepts and practices are being aligned. Finally, to test the skills learnt, Wings IT Solutions hold exam every fortnightly.

Why PPC : As today's society is largely known as a global village, owing to massive inter-connectivity around the globe. Hence, companies around the world are spending heavily to have their businesses in the search engines' limelight, such as Google's. Moreover, as the clients and consumers largely rely upon internet (and Google) to ferret out info about the products, services and companies at length. Because of this, being on the Google's forefront by the means of PPC is, sansvdoubt, an excellent idea.

In the final words, the PPC has evolved as an extremely versatile search engine marketing technique by the virtue of which quick and speedy results and immense traffic volume can be sought for the targeted websites. Thus, the scope of PPC has increased manifolds and it won't be an exaggeration to state that people prefer PPC more than its counterparts SEO and SMO. Therefore, at Wings IT Solutions, we impart an indepth analysis and every minute detail in regard to keywords and sophisticated accounts handling for the purpose of optimizing clicks and to gather more business than your competitors.
Following topics are emphasized during such PPC practice and training:

PPC Course Syllabus

Intro to Google Adwords Introduction to Online Advertising

  • What is pay-per-click
  • Features & benefits
  • Google search & content network
  • Account structure
  • The interface

Benefits and features of AdWords

  • Cost
  • Timing
  • Flexibility

Basic Terminology

  • Keyword
  • Cost-per-click
  • Clickthrough rate
  • Impression
  • Landing page
  • Conversion
  • Ad position
  • Quality score
  • SEO v. SEM
  • AdWords v. Adsense

Benefits and features of AdWords

  • Account
  • Campaign
  • Ad Group
  • Keywords
  • AdWords Interface
  • Campaign management tab

Session 2: Proper Account Setup

  • Creating a Campaign
  • Language and location targeting
  • Targeting guidelines
  • Excluding locations
  • Writing ad creatives
  • Editorial policies
  • Ad writing exercise
  • Building a keyword list
  • Best practices
  • Match typeso
  • Broad, phrase, & exacto Negative keywords
  • Setting bids and budgetso Daily budgeto Minimum & Maximum bids
  • Using the Traffic Estimator

Editing Campaign Settings

  • Basic settings
  • Setting start and end dates
  • Budget options
  • Delivery methods + Standard & Accelerated
  • Networds and Biddingo
  • Choosing content or search
  • Ad schedulingo
  • Multiplying bidso
  • Setting times of day that you want your ads to run
  • Ad Servingo Setting ads to "Optimize" or "Rotate"

Session 3: Advanced Features

  • Optimization
  • Optimize to increase traffic
  • Optimize to increase quality score
  • Optimize to increase landing page quality
  • Optimize for the Google network


  • Creating and analyzing reports
  • Saving reports and report templates
  • Building a keyword list
  • Best practices
  • Setting bids and budgetso Daily budgeto Minimum & Maximum bids
  • Using the Traffic Estimator

Google Analytics

  • Basic linking to AdWords
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Using All Traffic
  • Sources, and Site Usage
  • Tracking goal conversions
  • Tracking keyword performance

PPC Course Fees:

Course Fees: 6,000 INR
Class Duration: Monday - Frida (Regular - 2 Hours)
Saturday - Sunday (Weekend- 3 Hours)
Course Duration: 1 Month (Regular) and 1.5 Months (Weekend)
Timings: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM All 7 Days Open