Graphic Designing Course in Delhi


Graphic Designing in Delhi: Wings IT Solutions company has setup a special training institute where practical training on live projects is imparted to passionate future artists of Internet technology. Thus, as immensely inventive and profoundly catchy designs have been able to dominate the minds of the audience around the world and this is proved by the fact that several of such designs have been duly registered and copyrighted by companies in their corporate name. Therefore, in such a manner, there has been an even larger demand for qualified and creative Internet designers by the companies around the world, who could brainstorm the minds of potential customers globally. As such, graphic designing training in Delhi has also reached a new high.

Training at Wings IT Solutions:

Thus, taking the advantage of such an upcoming and highly demanding skill, the directors of Wings IT Solutions have begin conducting special graphic designing courses in Delhi. A truly job oriented training is imparted on latest suite of designing tools and updated software. Moreover, as has been mentioned on other places of this website, that the training is cent percent professional cum practical as our actual web professionals of the company, (working on live projects) have been the real trainers. Besides, the course and topics are also devised by these professionals as they are well-versed with the latest concepts and designing tools applicable in the industry.
Though such training was started in 2007 and now we have earned such a vast acclaim that we have been regarded as the most prestigious place to learn web designing professional courses in Delhi.

Modules: HTML

  • Introduction to HTML
  • HTML Syntax, Basic tags and Attributes
  • Heading and Paragraph Tags
  • HTML comments and entities
  • Text alignment, Colors and linebreak
  • Text Formatting and Fonts with style
  • HTML Links, Image and marquee tags
  • Lists and items
  • Layout design with frames and iframe
  • Form elements
  • Tab Index and Access key
  • Structuring with Fieldset
  • Tables - How to create table with header, body and footer
  • Div and Span
  • Forms - How to create a form

Modules: CSS

  • Introduction to CSS
  • Syntax of selectors
  • Types of Selectors
  • Combining Descendant Selectors with IDs and Classes
  • Inline, Internal and External CSS
  • Text and Font Properties
  • Margin and Padding properties
  • Background Properties
  • Div and span with CSS
  • CSS Positioning
  • Z-index
  • Image Opacity
  • Pseudo class and pseudo Elements
  • Styling with IDs and Classes
  • Styling forms with CSS


  • Any graduate/diploma/ITI course
  • Basic computer skill
  • Basic Internet knowledge
  • Knowledge in functional English

Who Will Get Benefited

  • Fresh job seekers
  • Web developers

Program Fee

  • Graphic Designing Course Fees : 8,000 INR


  • Well-structured and industry-relevant course curriculum
  • Experienced and dedicated faculty members
  • Exposure to live projects from day one
  • Periodic evaluation and feedback
  • Placement assistance on successful completion

Session and training Schedule

  • Course Duration: 2.5 months
  • Classes: Regular - 2hrs ( Mon -Fri ), Weekend- 3hrs ( Sat-Sun )