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This is Debrah Wilson. The founder of Web SEO Training Institute. She is profound woman with three successful businesses in New York. She has opened a lot of opportunities to people inside and outside the internet.

Online courses

Our staff have spent a lot of their time making a courses for clients who have no time travelling to New York for face-to-face sessions.


Face-to-face seminars and workshops are conducted by our experts for clients who have flexible schedules on their hands.


Membership has free consultations prior to the progress of clients’ SEO skills depending on the training over time.

Customer Review

Clarissa Wolman

"I have troubles understanding how to perform SEO on my sites before enrolling myself to this training insitution.”

Lora Spielberg

"This is the best investment with great investment returns.”

Christopher Brown

"It's the best feeling to know how to do SEO and see results. It's like a miracle on my part."